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"Irezumi Junisoroi"
(Tatoo, Twelve Pieces a Set) Series

"Musume, Junikagetsu Soroi"
(Girls, 12 Months a Set) Series

News from Shusui Taki Atelier

[Kiku Chirashi]
Kiku Chirashi
Print Artist

Shusui Taki, Japanese Woodblock Print Artist



Let's go to the world of "Shusui Taki" ,
a contemporary Ukiyo-e print artist of Japan,
rank high in the public esteem, even abroad.
He received many prizes in the world
including the grand prix of Le Salon de Paris,
and his works are stored up by the British Museum.


Shusui Taki and traditional wood-block Art Exhibition


About Ukiyo-e

The word "Ukiyo" was originated from a Buddhism term "this transitory world" lasting for one's life until death, however the meaning was changed later with an optimistic view of life that one should enjoy his life anyhow one passed through the transitory world, while the word "e" means a picture or drawing.

"Ukiyo-e" is traditional wood-block printing art of Japan, which came into flower in the Edo period, about 300 years ago.
Also Ukiyo-e took on the role of mass media for the community..

The subject of Ukiyo-e was various, but the most popular type of Ukiyo-e portrayed the beauty of women and the actors of Kabuki (traditional Japanese drama).
They were dressed in the latest fashion and they seemed none other than the star in these days. Ukiyo-e was often treated like a movie star's picture of today.
Ukiyo-e artists competed with one another in trying to portray such a beauty.

The wood-block print technology much contributed to the spread and popularity of Ukiyo-e throughout Japan.
In the early stage of Ukiyo-e it had only one color, black.
However, low cost reproduction could be accomplished through the advanced process of wood-block printing.
Thus Ukiyo-e, which had been accepted by the public, grew up to colorful pictures and took root as popular fine art.

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